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Acymailing {acy} shortcode - (AcyMailing toolbox replacement)

In the past AcyMailing 5 came with a plugin called 'AcyMailing toolbox'.

It allowed to show some statistics from a mailing list and to add a newsletter anywhere in your content using a short code.

After an upgrade to Joomla 4 the plugin disappeared out of the blue. 

This extension is a rebuild of part of the functionality.

It has been rewritten to be a more clean Joomla plugin and should work on Joomla 4 & 5 for AcyMailing 5 & 9. The messages like 'Newsleter not found' are now translatable.

Currently, only the short code to insert a newsletter is available.

  • Use {acy:<NEWSLETTER_ID>} to show a newsletter
  • Use the tag {acy:0} to show the latest published Newsletter.
  • Use the tag {acy:0|list:<List id>} to show the latest published Newsletter from the list <List id>.
  • There is a pipe character '|' between the zero and list

For acy:0 only active and visible and send newsletters from active and visible lists will be shown.

How to find the NEWSLETTER_ID

In AcyMailing 5 that is the number you see in the dashboard in the last column.


In AcyMailing 9 use the Mail ID you see when you hover over the column.

Hiding some stuff

AcyMailing is quite quirky when showing the emails on your website. The part with 'Read online'  has little relevance. And the unsubscribe section probably too.

With the :has pseudo selector you can hide those parts with a bit of CSS. It is supported in all modern browsers. A single user with a very old browser might still the links.

/* acy mailing 9 */

p:has(span.acymailing_online) {
    display: none;

tr:has(.unsub) {
    display: none;

/* acy mailing 9 */
tr:has(span.acym_online) {
    display: none;

tr:has(.acym_unsubscribe) {
    display: none;

Embed plugin

Another solution would be to use the embed plugin. is not related or affiliated with AcyMailing