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Auto login

Your website might have some kind of access restrictions. The most common would be on pages or menus where only registered users or users within specific user groups have access:

  • Website with pages with access restrictions.
  • Website in offline mode (Site Offline in the Global configuration)
  • Website protected with a password or Ip-adress using htaccess or equivalent.

Pages with access restrictions

This plugin allows to automaticity login on your website using a One-Time-Password and IP restrictions

  1. Create a new user with the desired permissions (groups)
  2. In the configuration of the BLC plugin, add the user.
  3. In the configuration of the BLC plugin, add the IP-address of your server.
  4. Set the Only extract from published content option(s) in the extractor(s) to Off.

Website in offline mode

The auto login also works for websites set to offline

  1. Follow steps above
  2. Ensure your user has the correct permission.  In the default settings, this is a manager role. You can change these in Global configuration → Permissions → Offline access.


No plugin is needed for this.

In case you are using a htaccess configuration to protect your website for example with Basic authentication you can simply extend the rules:

AuthUserFile ".passwords"
AuthName "Authorization Required"
AuthType Basic
Require valid-user
Require ip
Require ip 2606:2800:220:1:248:1893:25c8:1946

Where the IP address is the address of your web server. Usually you will only need the IPV4 or IPV6.

Web server's IP address

This BLC Plugin should report your server's IP address in the settings. However, the initial IP address might be incorrect. For example, if your server is behind a proxy. Leave the IP field blank and check an internal link manually. Now the plugin's information should be updated with the IP seen by the plugin.

Why not using the API Token?

In the default settings, the API Token is available for Super-Users only. This plugin works with users with minimal permissions. And works with the checker only.

Why a system plugin?

Most BLC plugin's are in a separate group 'blc' and only loaded when needed by the checker. Therefor not adding extra load time to your website.  The automatic login requires the plugin to run on every load of the website. 

(The initial version used the Regular labs IP-login plugin, now it has a BLC solution)