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Article Extractor and Checker

You can use the Broken Link Checker extension to scan your entire Joomla content for broken links. This plugin allows you to find inaccessible links present in your Joomla articles. Schedule a scan to run after a certain interval, go through the real-time report containing  status and location of broken links, and use the fix link feature to edit and fix the broken links identified during the link scan. The extension  is compatible with both Joomla 4.4 and Joomla 5.

This plugin acts as extractor and checker.

Extracting links from Joomla Articles

This BLC Content Plugin handles links for Joomla articles in the following locations:

  • text area's of the article (introtext and fulltext)
  • image's from the 'images and links' tab
  • url's from the 'images and links' tab

This plugin is included in the Broken Link Checker Package.

Checking (fixing) Internal Links

Wrong categories

Joomla prefers to have links to other articles as relative query links in your content, for example this article (with id 3) might contain a link to the Unsef plugin, that link look like: index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=7&catid=8. The Joomla SEF plugin takes care of changing this link to /extensions/unsef

However, if the category of the destination articles changes, for example from extensions to documents (catid=8 to catid=9), the link in this article is not updated. It remains catid=8. 

Joomla SEF does not retrieve the current category for the article but uses the one provided in the link. With a wrong category-id the link to an article might end up on the wrong category or results in a 404 - Page not found. Depending on your SEF settings. 

This plugin can (optionally) check and fix the category of articles links. The links are not replaced automatically but presented as internal redirects.

Another tool to correct categories is the SEF Plus System Plugin, which will take care of correcting categories.

Options & Settings

Check the Category ID in parsed links

With this option enabled, the checker will find the correct category ID for each article.

Only extract from public visible content

Extract only links from items that have Public Access.

See the Auto login plugin for more information on checking content with access restrictions

Only extract from published content

Extract only links from items that have Published State and today is between the Publish Up and Publish Down dates, if present.

Trashed containers are never extracted.

When Saved

Whenever an item is saved the content must be scanned for links again. This can be done:

  • immediately : Re-extract links
  • on the next parse be deleting the extracted data: Delete extracted data - Links are not visible anymore in Links Menu
  • on the next parse using the modified date: Do Nothing - Links are visible in Links Menu until next extract.

Some containers like modules do not have a modified date. Use Re-extract or Delete .

When Deleted

When an item is trashed the extracted data must be removed.

  • immediately : Delete extracted data - Links are not visible anymore in the Links Menu
  • on the next parse: Do Nothing - Links are visible in Links Menu until next extract
Delete extracted data on plugin save

Plugin settings might impact the extracted data. This option allows to purge all data for a plugin whenever the plugin settings change.