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Improved Frontend Links Module

A clean Joomla installation provides a small module on top of your page with a link to the Front Page of your website. This module extends the functionality by adding a link directly to the Front end page of the item you are editing. It also shows parent pages of that item, such as the link to the category of that article.

This module is a fork of the Better Frontend Link Module created by Regular Labs, it has the following changes and improvements:

  • no dependency to the Regular Labs library, thus a much smaller footprint
  • no dependency to Joomla's core frontend module
  • Click to Copy feature.
  • Improved routing, using Joomla's Site Router. The links mostly point to the location where the Front end puts them.
  • Less cluttering of duplicate links, unresolved query parameters and more.
  • A Working 'Enable for selected components' option


  • install as any other extension
  • after installation, the module should be enabled and the Joomla version should be disabled. Although they can run both at the same time
  • head over to the module in System → Manage → Administrator Modules and complete the list of components the module should work for.


When ever you are editing an item in the administrator, the module will show you the Frontend Links to the item, its parents, related menu's and the Homepage. 

For articles, 'parents' would be the category and its parents. Tags could have a Tag has parent.

Query Links

The links in the module are as the Joomla router sees them. If you see a link like ...?view=category&id=40 in the module, then there is no related menu item (to a category in this case). 

Supported Components

Any component that has a 'Joomlisch database structure' should work. Some components need a bit of help, like Joomla articles. Those have a category as parent.

  • Articles + Categories
  • Tags
  • Contacts + Categories
  • Menu's
  • Rsforms Pro - Forms, Submission and directories. Works mostly. Rsforms has an outdated routing system, assuming that it is always running in the front end. So the module has to jump through a few loopholes to fix that.
  • RSPageBuilder!

For unknown components, the module will only show a link if it can find a matching menu item.


Joomla has several distinct systems or applications. The Administrator and the Frontend (Site) are the well known ones. But there are more like the Command Line and the API Applications.

It's quite tricky to get the behavior of one application working correctly while working in another. Worse, some code works perfectly fine when executed in the Frontend but fail miserably when executed from the Administrator.

Some (frontend) components have problematic behavior when accessed from the administrator. In that case, simply remove the component from the 'Enabled' list in the module configuration. Feel free to email to investigate the issue.


There are two layout files. The one called single shows a link to the homepage if no other useful links are found, basically the layout of the Joomla native frontlink module. The layout default shows the dropdown menu.


  • Uninstall as any other extension.
  • After uninstalling the Joomla version is enabled again.

If you want the click to copy feature within the original Better Links module, you can create an override.