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Menu Extractor

Your website menu(s) define the structure of your site and the items are the main entry points of your site.

As menus are mostly quite stable, broken links in the menu shouldn't occur that often. However, they do occur, for example links to a removed component, links to articles or blogs with a deleted or unpublished category. And menus might contain links to external websites.

The plugin will extract links from menu-items whether the menu itself is used or not.

Menu items related to components and System Links -> URL's are extracted. Other items like aliases and separator are skipped.

Since most link related to the menu are generated, you can not change them using one click replacement, except for the 'System Links -> URL' type.

Options & Settings

Re-extract interval

Menu items do not have a modified on date. So they must be re extracted after a specified interval if you are not using the 'Parse or Delete on save ' option.

This is the interval between two extracts in days.

Extracting links from a menu-item is a minor operation. It is recommended to use the 'Parse or Delete' on save.

Setting the interval to zero will disable the time-bases recheck.


Extract Component Target link

A Joomla menu might have two links.

The first one is the link pointing to the Joomla menu itself, the query link looks like index.php?Itemid=102. This link is translated to a SEF link, like in this case the Homepage of this website.

The other one is seen in the link field and shows the query for the active component on the page itself.

By default, the plugin extracts the menu link only. With this option enabled, the Link field is extracted as well. This will most likely result in a lot of issues with internal links:

  • Links in the menu are typically not XHTML encoded, depening on your settings the links will be reported as changed.
  • Routing to components might fail. You will see links like /component/article/122

For the menu type 'System Links -> URL' the Link field is a direct link to an url. So for this type the target link is always used.


Extract only from 'Display in Menu' = Yes

Menu items have under the Link Type tab an option to hide them from the menu.

Enabling this options will ignore menu items with Display in Menu to No.

Only extract public visible menu items

Extract only links from items that have Public Access.

See the Auto login plugin for more information on checking content with access restrictions

Only extract published menu items

Extract only links from items that have Published State and today is between the Publish Up and Publish Down dates, if present.

Trashed containers are never extracted.

When Menu is Saved

Whenever an item is saved the content must be scanned for links again. This can be done:

  • immediately : Re-extract links
  • on the next parse be deleting the extracted data: Delete extracted data - Links are not visible anymore in Links Menu
  • on the next parse using the modified date: Do Nothing - Links are visible in Links Menu until next extract.

Some containers like modules do not have a modified date. Use Re-extract or Delete .

When Menu is Trashed

When an item is trashed the extracted data must be removed.

  • immediately : Delete extracted data - Links are not visible anymore in the Links Menu
  • on the next parse: Do Nothing - Links are visible in Links Menu until next extract
Delete extracted data on plugin save

Plugin settings might impact the extracted data. This option allows to purge all data for a plugin whenever the plugin settings change.