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SEF Plus


The SEF Plus System plugin runs atop the Joomla sef plugin. and extends the functionality of the Joomla SEF plugin.

The Joomla Sef plugin performs two jobs:

  1. Replacing all query links (like index.php?Itemid=126) with the correct Search Engine Friendlu version (.../faq)
  2. Adding a canonical link to the document

This Sef Plus plugin does:

  1. Using the Joomla Sef plugin to replace links
  2. Correcting faulty category ids for Joomla articles.
  3. Creating more useful and correct canonical links. Joomla itself will happily present a wrong canonical.
  4. Optionally redirect to the correct (canonical) page.
  5. Provides a friendly URL for the Filter Tags Module

This plugin is useful if you change the categories of articles frequently.


  • Install as any other plugin.
  • on installation, the Joomla SEF plugin is disabled and this plugin is enabled


  • remove as any other plugin.
  • the Joomla SEF plugin should be enabled automatically. Check the status of that plugin if your site does not show the SEF Links.

The Broken link checker itself can find and correct wrong categories in your content. However, it can not fix incoming links to the wrong place. That's where the canonical (redirect) comes into place.

Some other extensions handling error pages might interfere with this plugin. 4SEO of Weeblr for example. In case of 4SEO this plugin must run before the 4SEO system plugin.

Options & Settings

Site Domain

Defaults to the URI::root()

Redirect to Canonical

If the current page URL (path) does not match the canonical, the plugin will redirect.

  • index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=8&id=10 → extensions/package
  • index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=old&id=10 → extensions/package

With the id-style sef links:

  • extensions/10-package→ extensions/package (if settings changed)
  • extensions/10-old-alias-package→ extensions/10-package
  • old-category/10-package → extensions/10-package

It will preserve query parts that are not part of the new path:

  • index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=8&id=10&tmpl=component → extensions/package?tmpl=component
Check Category id for articles

Whenever you change the category for an article, all your links in the other content point to the wrong location. See Checking (fixing) Internal Links

With this option, each article link is checked for the correct category ID and corrected.

If you have a lot of links on your pages, this will require an equal amount of database queries.  In that case or if you do not change the categories of documents too often, you can also use similar functionality on the content extractor of the broken link checker.

Catch and Redirect old style SEF

If you change the Article Integration setting Remove IDs from No to Yes, you really mess up the indexed content of your site (for search engines).

A link like changes to, and you will get a big 404 error on the old link. 

Enabling this option will catch 404 errors, tries to find the article and redirect to the correct one. 

Fallback: Find article by ID

In the default setting, both the ID (10 in the example above) and the alias (package) must match, this to avoid conflict with other components.

This fallback option will find articles based on the ID only, that might cause conflict with other components, like the category.

This option is only useful if you changed a lot of article aliases in the past.

Alias or category changed

Changes in the alias or category of an article are caught by the options Check Category id for articles and Redirect to Canonical


Convert filter_tag= into sef slugs

This option is intended to work with the Filter Tags Module, it will convert links like index.php?filter_tag=x to .../<slug seperator>/<id or alias>

Slug seperator

Appended to the URL before the tag itself

Convert Tag ID into Tag Alias

Convert the ID of the tag to the alias as defined in the tag component. 

This does not include parent tags! tag aliases must be unique to work.



This extension is not related to the broken link checker.