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Unsef internal URL's

The plugin reverses search engine friendly links to query links. The operation is performed during the check phase.

Joomla prefers to have links as relative links in the query form in content. On each request, these URLs are converted into the SEF version. The idea is that the generated SEF link always reflects the latest site structure. 

However, it's often far more convenient to copy and paste as link from your website into the editor, then searching for the correct article. So your content get's cluttered with absolute and relative links using both the SEF as the query form.

This plugin reverses the SEF url's. So a link like




The links are not replaced automatically but visible as redirects.

Joomla has an issue with changing categories as well. This is handled by the BLC Content Plugin.

Resolve old style Links

Older versions of Joomla showed SEF-URLs as /.../<article-id>-<article-alias>. Joomal 4 and new allows to remove the article-id (Article Options → Integrations → Remove IDs from URLs).

If you changed the article option from No to Yes, but still have old style URLs in your content this option will help you te resolve these to the internal query format. (index.php?catid=<category-id>&amp;id=<article-id>&amp;....)

If you have other content with matching id and alias (not very likely) the plugin might return wrong articles.

Changing the option Remove IDs from URLs will impact your visibility on the web.  See the SEF Plus plugin for more info on this topic