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Can I check shortened URLs?


Links shortened with a service like are always redirects. So the broken link checker would always report them as redirects.  In the global configuration, you will find an option to ignore redirects for selected domains:  Domains to ignore redirects

The final destination is still reported as broken (HTTP Response code > 400). However, changes to the final destination (Redirects, HTTP codes 30x) or not reported.

Can I check Affiliatelinks?

Most affiliate links are special crafted links, sending a visitor to the affiliate network first to record the click for future tracking your sale. Then the visitor is redirected to the final destination., probably appending some query parameters.

Those affiliate links would show up in the reports as redirects. There is an option in the component to ignore these redirects: Domains to ignore redirects

Some networks provide clean linking. For those, the direct URL to the merchant is used and some JavaScript translates the normal link into a tracking link. Those links should work fine with the broken link checker. 

A final type of tracking is where you add a tracking parameter to the query. Like Amazon tracking links. Those should work fine as wel, just use the full link not the shortened one.



Some networks have some kind of WAF, those might block the checker. 


Does the link checker work with K2?

Well, it could.

However, there is no Joomla 4.4+ version of K2 available.

You can read more about it in the K2-blog.

I think K2 has some valid points regarding Joomla compatibly issues. The resulting high maintenance costs for site owners and extension developers are reasons that Joomla is slowly dying.



How to check pages behind a login?

There is currently no solution for external pages.

For internal pages you can use the Auto login plugin

What are the minimum requirements
  • php >= 8.1 with curl
  • mariadb >= 10.2.1 or mysql >= 8.0.13

Joomla 4.4 still supports PHP 7.4, which is End-Of-Life since 28 November 2022, so the extensions on this site stepped Forward.


Many hosting companies are still stuck in old mysql version's. The BLC should work with MySQL 5, but is not tested against it.


 Your command line might have a different, default, PHP version.

The package checks the php version of the web server before installation. However, it does not check the php version used on the command line. Use php -v to see the default php version. Setting a different default php version depends on your operating system. Or adjust the command to use the right php version:

/usr/bin/php8.1 joomla.php blc:extract --live-site=....

/opt/plesk/php/8.2/bin/php joomla.php blc:extract --live-site=....

The exact path depends on your operating system