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Installation & Getting Started

Installation is as any other Joomla package.

Currently, Curl is used to checking the links. So curl must be available.

After a first time installing of the packages, the plugins (content and system) should be enabled and a token for the cron jobs should be created.

Visit the administrator Menu item under Components → Broken Link Checker → Setup. There are the two links to start the HTTP Cron jobs.

The link validation has two steps. One is extracting links from the content, the second is checking the links. 

  • The extract link will fetch text and link fields, depending on the used BLC plugins and extract links.
  • The check will check the links.

The crons are throttled.  Default settings is one request per 60 seconds. This can be changed in the BLC Options. (The change is effective after the last throttle expires)

After checking a few links head over to the Links menu and browse the extracted and checked links.