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Click to Copy 4 Better Frontend Link

The Better Frontend Link Module of Regular Labs provides easy access to the frontend equivalent of the page you're editing (article, category...) and  parent pages of the current item, such as the parent category pages of the article.  To copy th...

View & Fix 404 Errors

While the broken link checker is a great tool for checking internal and external links on your site, it is not capable of finding and checking links to your site. Why 404 Errors Matter A 404 error occurs when a webpage or resource is not found o...

Changing the Favicon for the Joomla Administrator

The favicon is the small image display in your browsers tab-bar and in some search engines.   If you have a lot of tabs open a favicon can help to navigate to the correct webpage. While most front end websites have a setting to change the favico...

Response codes

Each request to a website has it's own response code. Explanations can be found on serveral locations like on, wikipedia or http cats. HTTP - 418 I'm a Teapot. 2XX : Ok 3XX : Redirect 4XX: Not found or not accessible 5XX: Se...

Adding a honeypot to Rsforms Pro.

Adding a honeypot field to RSForm Pro is a good practice to help prevent spam submissions on your forms. A honeypot field is a hidden field that should not be filled out by a regular user but might be filled out by automated bots. When the form is...

Generating PDF's from form submissions

This document describes how to set up the PDF plugin to use HTML from the current page.

Setup & Maintenance Menu

All your links in one view. Information on the cronjobs and more

Reported Link Variants

In the main column of the link report, you will find one or more links the Found link. That is the link exactly has it has been found in the content. That might be an external url or a internal url. the Internal URL, this is the internal URL a...

Explore Links Menu

The explore menu allows you to explore all the links in your content (Joomla articles).

Options and Settings of the Component

Options and settings for the Broken Link Checker Component

View & Fix Links Menu

Fix Broken & Redirecting links.

One Click Link replacement

The component offers a convenient one click link replacement for most content. On the link details page, you will find a Replace button if the final destination differs from the original URL.  For any other link, for example broken ones you can us...

How to handle False Positive's

Most likely that you will encounter links incorrectly marked as broken or redirects. Firewalls are an issue but also redirects to cookie pages, timeouts and more.

Are you Human?

Every time the checker visits a page, it often faces difficulties due to techniques such as fingerprinting, JavaScript challenges, machine learning and more. Welcome to the world of Web Application Firewalls, or WAF's for short.

Internal Links

Joomla prefers to have internal links in the query form and XHTML encoded, so an internal link to this page would be:  index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=18&catid=9 and not: documents/internal-links

Checking links

  To reduce the amount of network traffic the checker performs a HEAD request, if it fails it retries with a GET and a Range header. And if that fails, it tries a normal GET.

Cron Jobs

Crons To run the jobs automaticity, you can create cronjobs. The exact implementation depends on your hosting provider.  There are four different options to run cron jobs.  Using the administrator cron module. This module provides a pseu...

Installation & Getting Started

Installation is as any other Joomla package. Currently, Curl is used to checking the links. So curl must be available.

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