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One Click Link replacement

The component offers a convenient one click link replacement for most content. On the link details page, you will find a Replace button if the final destination differs from the original URL.  For any other link, for example broken ones you can use the Set New Link to enter a link manually.

For content with access restrictions or that is checked out, link replacement should fail.  If supported by the content and enabled, the link replacement should create revisions.

One Click link replacement is disabled by default, ensure you have an adequate backup in place before enabling it. Revisions is a great tool to correct mishaps, but for example modules do not support revisions.

Changing images

Joomla adds width and height to images, both in the content as the media fields. Changing the src-link without correcting the dimensions s well might result in distorted images.

Therefor One Click link replacement for images is disabled by default. You can enable it in the Options

Changing media images

Similar consideration as with inline image above. One - Click replacing links in media fields has its own enable Options.

Replace limit

There is a limit of 25 containers (content items) per batch. This to avoid server timeouts.

Unable to replace...

The broken link checker uses Joomla's native methods where applicable. That means that when saved the container (article, category, custom HTML etc.) must pass the checks build in the Joomla system.

Invalid user

If these fail, the link is not replaced. A common problem is when articles were created by a user that does not exist anymore.

Checked out

The system will not update links in checked out containers.