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Are you Human?

Every time the checker visits a page, it often faces difficulties due to techniques such as fingerprinting, JavaScript challenges, machine learning and more.

Welcome to the world of Web Application Firewalls, or WAF's for short.

You might have encountered yourself, website rambling about checking your connection is secure, which actually means: We are checking that you are not a bot. These websites are quite difficult to check automaticity. The same goes for websites redirecting to a cookie page.

You will need to bypass the Web Application Firewalls as a step to check the link. That's challenging.

The most basic WAF's use simple browser fingerprinting. In the Options you will find some Checker signature's, or you can use add own.

Some of these websites report a nice 404 – Not Found for a missing page. However, a 401 or 403 response are more common even if the target page does not exist.

Cloudflare, DataDome, Akamai, HUMAN are the most common firewalls, there are some options to bypass the firewall, none of them is easy. Is it is possible to integrate a proxy like zenrows, which is a fairly expensive solution.

BLC Option

There are a few options to change the checkers' signature. There won't be a one setting fits all solution. Per domain signatures are not possible yet. WAF's check on more parameters, like the JavaScript capacities.

  • Use Cookies
  • Send HEAD Request
  • Send Range Request
  • Checker Signature
    • headers
    • language

You view your current browser signature here.