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Internal Links

Joomla prefers to have internal links in the query form and XHTML encoded, so an internal link to this page would be:


and not:


The content gets quite easily cluttered with all different kind of internal URL. The component provides a few methods to correct these. In the components options there are settings on how you would like the links in your content:

  • Use:
    • The query link (index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=18&catid=9
    • The routed link (documents/internal-links)
  • XHTML Encode: whether to encode the link, thus & for &
  • Absolute links: whether to create absolute links

In addition:

All these corrections are applied during the check phase. Therefor any changes to the settings are effective after a link is checked again.

In the Links-menu, corrected links can be found using the With internal changed filter.