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Reported Link Variants

In the main column of the link report, you will find one or more links

  • the Found link. That is the link exactly has it has been found in the content. That might be an external url or a internal url.
  • the Internal URL, this is the internal URL as you configured it to appear and unSEFfed when used with the unsef plugin.
  • the Routed URL. The routed (SEF) internal URL, depending on your Joomla configuration.
  • the Final link. The link after all redirects. Only shown if different from the other links.
    • you might expect a response code 301 or 302 with redirected links. However, the  HTTP code is from the last request. So it should be a 20X for a working link or a 4XX or 5XX response code for broken links. If you see a 30X code it's most likely an infinity loop of redirects. This happens for example with firewalls that try to set cookies.